Dream 4×4 Jeep Trail Ride: The Gulches

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There’s more to owning a Jeep Wrangler than just getting to and from work. For some, it’s a ticket to adventure and a gateway to freedom. At Dream 4×4, we Live The Lifestyle, meaning all summer we lead customers and fans on trail rides to some of the most beautiful places in Colorado. First time Jeep owners, and veterans with trail-scarred rigs alike join us for these memorable adventures! IMG_0819

We set out from our dealership in Colorado Springs at 8:00 am, 15 Jeeps strong as we shot up highway 24 into the mountains. The first leg of our Journey took us down Metburry Gulch in Divide, Colorado. As we meandered our way to the trail head, we were surrounded on both sides by the recovering forest effected in 2002 by the Hayman fire. Encouraging new growth could be seen pushing up through the ravished landscape; a reminder of how quickly the forest can be devastated if we aren’t careful.

With us, to capture our tIMG_0824rail ride in the most awesome way imaginable was drone pilot and videographer Mitch Madsen, of Madopia productions. For links to more of his work, follow the link Mitch Madsen – Youtube. The footage captured was outstanding. From sheer rock faces with scenic vistas, to steep gravely descents and deep river crossings – there is truly no better way to capture the experience than with a drone! Watch the video below, and see for yourself!

The second leg of our journey took us just up the road to Hackett Gulch. Both Metburry and Hackett Gulch wind down long narrow spines into the heart of the gulch, and at the bottom of both you end up at the beautiful Platte River. Fishing and camping spots abound, and the location is absolutely perfect for a picnic lunch! Metburry, though the furthest in, is considered the easiest of the three gulches, Hackett used to be the most difficult but has recently been modified so that what may have been the toughest obstacle on the route is now akin to a mere hill.In between sits Longwater Gulch, a route we would save for another time.

As we descended Hackett gulch the drone was in full flight. Hackett Rock, once the toughest obstacle on the ride had been filled in with sand to make passage easier. As you near the bottom, you are met with a steep gravelly hill, but 4wd low and 1st gear guarantee a smooth and uneventful ride to the bottom. The trail begins to flatten and you find yourself splashing through a shallow creek before you break through the woods and into the clearing at the river and the bottom of the gulch. Pause at the river, and prepare yourself for the crossing.

Without a suspension lift, you are likely to get some water on your floors (this is what drain plugs are for). After you crash through the Platte River (please don’t go upstream or down, and don’t stop while in the water) there is a spot to take a break or turn around on the far shore. The bottom of this gulch is perfect for a long afternoon break from your trailing to splash about or cast a line.

Once you have taken in your share of nature’s serenity, it’s time to head back up to the top. Slow and steady is the name of the game as you climb your way out of Hackett gulch up steep sandy ascents and through and over some of Colorado’s most epic back country.

Whether your Jeep Wrangler is modified or stock, Rubicon or Sport, or even if you drive an entirely different 4×4 the purpose is always the same, to embrace the freedom and enjoy the journey as you explore the back country of Colorado, and don’t forget to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE! If you are interested in joining us on our next trip, follow the link and subscribe! Dream 4×4 Events

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