Dream 4×4 Jeep Trail Ride Event: China Wall Trail

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Dream 4×4 Jeep Trail Ride Event: China Wall Trail

When sitting behind the wheel of a Jeep, one feels the sense of adventure pumping through their veins. There is a sense of oneness with nature, the road, and your vehicle. It’s the excitement of venturing into the unknown. But also a sense of safety knowing the vehicle that’s taking you off the beaten trail will get you to where you need to be.

Dream 4×4 understands the importance of adventure and how to “Live the Lifestyle”. Each year Dream 4×4, gathers anyone and everyone for a trail ride event into the mountain back country. No matter if you are a novice or expert trail rider, we want you to join!

This past Saturday (6-17-17) we had our inaugural trail ride for the 2017 year! Thank you to all of you that showed up! We had a great turn out with 10 Jeeps in total playing follow the leader. We will be doing two more trail rides this summer (July & August). Stay tuned for more!

We set out Saturday morning around 7:30am from Dream 4×4. A row of 10 Jeeps deep  looking as majestic as ever, headed West into the mountains on Highway 24. The sun was bright and shining hot! Next to ideal driving conditions. We made a quick pit stop in Divide, CO. to fuel up both our Jeeps and bellies. After gassing up we were just a short drive away from the trailhead.

From Highway 24 we turned right on County Rd. 77. China Wall trail is about 10 miles or so down 77.We turned too soon for China Wall trail but it worked out! For those you who joined us, you got a bonus trail ride. We turned down the Little China trail and took that to the China Wall trail and then back.

Starting out we climbed a long gradual slope that curls of to the right. Our crew ascended up and it was a little ways past the top that we found ourselves at our first obstacle. After a few attempts from a few of the Jeeps, we pressed on.

Overall, I would Little China trail and China Wall trail were decent trail Jeep trails. Lower on the skill level. There certainly was a couple hairier spots.  We had a couple stock Jeeps in our crew that managed to carefully navigate, with help from Harland (owner) spotting, without causing any vehicle damage.

After our trail ride was complete, we high tailed it back to Dream 4×4 in Colorado Springs, CO for some grilled hot dogs and burgers. Some of the guys were discussing some upgrades to their Jeeps allowing them to be their Dream 4x4s.

We love the outdoors. We love Jeeps and 4x4s. Our goal is to let you experience back country riding so you know how to “Live the Lifestyle”! If your Jeep is customized, stock, or you even if don’t have a Jeep, we want you to join us! It’s free and what else better could you be doing on a Saturday morning?

Again thank you to all who came! We can’t wait for our trail ride event next month!


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*Bonus* Check out the video below to see what you can be doing next month!



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