Mt. Herman & Rampart Range Road Trail Ride by Dream 4×4

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Mt. Herman & Rampart Range Road Trail Ride by Dream 4×4


We take pride in what we do at Dream 4×4. We know Jeeps and we love Jeeps! We also love gathering other Jeep enthusiasts and newcomers to the Jeeping community, and take them into the mountains. Colorado is filled with Jeep trails that you can explore all parts of this fine “Centennial State”.

We host trail ride events for the sole purpose of community. This is a great oppurtunity to meet others who appreciate this way of life.

Because that’s what it is. We all appreciate nature, the mountains, and the love of adventuring/exploring.


On Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 we set out from Dream 4×4 around 7:30 to head into the mountains. We left in a long 14 Jeep line. After a quick pitstop for fuel and snacks we hit the trails. We turned onto Mt. Herman Rd. from Monument, CO ascending up.

You gain in elevation quite quickly. As I was snapping photos and video out the Freedom Top, I looked down. All the way down, into Monument. Quite the site!

Getting up towards the top, we pulled off on a little quarter-mile down and back trail near Balancing Rock. A great spot for Jeep playing. This short off-chute trail has plenty of ruts and boulder and climb around on in your Jeep. Some of the crew were putting their rigs to the test. Flexing out to the max. Always my favorite time!

After the playing subsided, we kept chugging along down the trails. We eventually reached the end of Mt. Herman Rd. and continued on in the Frong Range along Rampart Range Rd. We winding around looking down at Colorado Springs. There are several trails off of Rampart Range Rd. as well. Some of us hit a couple crawling trails along the way.

Around 12:00pm, we made to Waldo Canyon. A wildfire swept through Waldo Canyon on June 23rd, 2012 wiping out over 18,000 acres (29 square miles) of land. It took the over two weeks to contain the fire! There are a few pull offs from Rampart Range Rd. that allows you to climb up and look down at this barren canyon. Some of us were doing yoga on top, right on the edge. There are some spectacular near 10,000 ft. elevation. Views on top are great views of Pikes Peak.

We strapped back up and hit the trails again, heading towards Garden of the Gods via Rampart Range Rd. It was super fun cruising through Garden of the Gods with a line of Jeeps following you. We all made our way through GotG and headed back to Dream 4×4 for our traditional grill out afterwards.

Yet another successful trail ride in the books! Thank you to everyone who made it! Rich and I had a blast with everyone! And we can’t wait until the next one! Stay tuned to our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more info on the next Dream 4×4 Trail Ride.


Catch up on all the action from Dream 4×4’s latest trail ride in the video below!


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