Reeper Series

An exciting road ahead

Oreion Motors was born from the idea that we should be able to have an all-terrain vehicle that is truly all-terrain – streets included. We often thought it would be great to take our off-road vehicles wherever we wanted to go, tough enough to take on the great outdoors and street smart all in one. Now that’s freedom.

Our Reeper Series of multi-purpose vehicles are built to move freely about the planet – whether it’s on or off the road – delivering great driving experiences.”


Versatility has its place

and it’s right here

We believe there is a sweet spot for a truly multi-purpose vehicle and that we’ve hit it. We’ve defined a whole new category – it’s the space right between your extreme powersport race-fanatic machine and the sleep-at-the-wheel casual cart.


Until now, you’ve had to decide between two extremes and we’ve felt all along that you shouldn’t have to. Now there is a more versatile choice that fits this great space.

om reeper

The Reeper

The Reeper cockpit is designed for efficient driver control and friendly usability. Ergonomically designed high-back seats wrap around for maximum comfort and safety delivering a great driver and co-pilot experience.

We know that a vehicle with this much versatility starts at the foundation. Frame dynamics, design and components are well thought out and executed to exact specifications

The 4×4 controls allow for easy transitions without ever leaving your seat.


Reeper Specs


Reeper 4 Specs

om reeper 4

The Reeper 4

Room for four and a whole lot more. Our new interior features durable, comfortable seating for four with fully adjustable driver and co-pilot seats. We set out to create a well-appointed interior all the while keeping in mind the practical aspects of everyday use in a multitude of environments.

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